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  • Mark Smith

2019 Summer Creations

Updated: Sep 17, 2019


  • Get Ready for the Laurelwood Farmers Market :)

  • Qualify Clays

  • WatchDog software hardening

  • WatchDog Sensor Experiments


We gave Georgies paper clay a try

  • One object thrown on when and fired to cone 10

  • Despite quite a bit of grog we will have to be careful of S-Cracks. Keep it compressed!

  • Clay fires to a nice light brown in Cone 10 light reduction (Silver Bullet firing)

I tried using a template to make stackable bowls. It worked fairly well, and I should do some more with some new templates. The clay I used was reclaim and cocoa with 4 tablespoons Iron Oxide per 30 lbs clay. This turns out to be more than enough iron to bring out spots using the Laventure glaze.


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