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Teacher's Bio:

"Healing Through Music"


Music is much more than my livelihood; it has become a method of self-care, of healthy expression, of finding community.


Being able to express myself through music has been such a gift when words simply can't define what I feel. Playing an instrument itself is therapeutic, and I often sit down to work through uncomfortable feelings and to process my thoughts. This self-care is crucial to my work as a CMP.


When I play for a patient, I am not performing. This work requires me to be centered, calm, and consciously present. Though it is sometimes challenging, I remove own worries from the equation, which allows the music to flow through me. This is when I feel most empowered!


Through music, opportunities arise to connect with others, to engage in conversation, to explore curiosity, and to share a common moment of being.


I am so blessed to have found this line of work where I can pursue my love of music while I offer others compassionate presence and healing!

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