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A Nia / Groove Fusion Dance Experience

with Nicole & Kristi

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This class is for everybody! Our class will blend the form of the Nia 52 moves with the freedom of Groove. 


The music will guide a soulful fun interactive personal dance / movement experience as we introduce easy patterns and rhythms that you move in your own body’s way. Come play! 


“I want EVERY BODY on my dance floor.” Size, fitness level, and experience do not matter.” Come with a playful spirit, open mind, and intention to create movement in your body your way. Come play! 

Nia is: A blend of the dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts. “52 Moves” creates patterns to follow, and add your own unique style. 


Groove is: Named one of the easiest dance experiences. Very basic rhythms to popular world music with lots of space to play and infuse your own unique movement style. 


Singing highly encouraged!

Nicole Brandl
503.707.5236 |
Kristi Ritson
770.883.0636 |
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Nicole is a free spirited, creative and playful dance enthusiast. Her passion for music and movement nurtured her in difficult times, and set her on a deep personal journey of self discovery. Over the last eight years, she has found movement to be medicine and free form has allowed her to deepen her relationship to self and community. Nicole is a certified Nia White Belt and Nia Free Dance teacher, and currently the only Groove facilitator in the state of Oregon. When Nicole discovered Groove, she knew she had found something she could share authentically, as it resonates deeply to her ecstatic dance practice and passion. It all fits with Nicole’s philosophy that dance does not have to look good or even make sense, it has to feel good and connect you to your own unique spirit and creativity. And it should be fun! 

Kristi began teaching fitness classes in the late 1980’s. She began teaching at the YMCA in Tennessee. She has taught many types of classes, e.g., Hi/Lo impact Aerobics, Step, Intensity Training, Circuit, Body Pump, and Keiser Indoor Cycling. She also is a certified AFAA Personal trainer and has worked both one on one with individuals, as well as small group training. She found Nia in 2014 just prior to retiring from the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller. She obtained her White and Blue Belt, as well as training in Nia Free Dance and Moving to Heal. She has worked with many populations, and in recent years focused on the mature exerciser. 


Kristi’s approach to fitness is to make it fun. After all, if it’s joyful, we are all more likely to continue the movement. So… Let’s dance. 

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