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Reiki & Sound Healing Collective

An evening of vibrational bliss
February 21, 5:00 - 6:00pm

When attending this class, there is the option for you to receive hands on Reiki, or have it channeled energetically to you. You can find a comfortable position, seated or laying down, to experience the waves of sound flowing through your vessel. Reiki is universal and unconditional love energy that aligns the body back into its natural healed state. The energy of the earth finds the natural centers within the body to promote and establish well-being. Sound healing vibrates to release the trauma and illness that the body has gone through, this prepares the vessel to receive and repair using healing love channeled through Reiki.

Prepare to fully let go of the weight of previous trauma, and embrace the true lightness of your natural light body. Reiki facilities this process by providing a tangible feeling of rebirth into love.


What To Bring:


  1. A comfortable yoga mat/quilt/cushion/sleeping bag

  2. Yourself, just as you are :)

Gregg Hendrix
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Gregg Hendrix is a Reiki Master III, and a shamanic healer under the Munay Ki Lineage. He began his healing journey after herniating his L6 disc in his lower spine (due to a car accident). Gregg spent 6 years researching while traveling, to find the best tools to aid in his self-healing. After healing his back, Gregg dedicated his life to healing others. He now teaches the techniques that he’s learned over the years, to help others integrate and embody their own self-healing capabilities.

Gina Rodondi
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Sound is a direct pathway to union and salve for the soul having a human experience. The impact that chanting and learning about the Hindu pantheon and mythology has had on Gina cannot be understated. The word mantra loosely translated from Sanskrit means: to deliver or to transcend the mind. The chanting of mantra aloud in combination with the harmonium (an Eastern instrument created for the sole purpose of devotional singing by many different traditions) captured Gina’s attention in the very first public Yoga classes she took well over a decade ago. The stories of the Hindu deities and the vibrations of the chants dedicated to them reminded her that she was indeed home—within and without. Though she delights in the meanings and stories behind the chants, she also recognizes that the divine sound current speaks for itself and the people chanting along or listening create their own connection therein.

Gina believes that using the voice connects people to a place inside themselves that nothing can touch—the place inside that is the fullness and completeness of who they really are. The joy derived from this connection with is unparalleled, and serves as a reminder of what may have been forgotten as life marched onward.

Joy is for everybody. Singing is for everybody. Love is for everybody.

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